Please refer to our subscription form or contact us for more information about our fruits and vegetables baskets.

Pick up: 

1) At the farm 

220 Walker Road, Hatley

Thursdays from 13h30 to 19h00. 

2) Magog (Metro Plouffe)

460 rue St-Patrice O

Wednesdays from 16h00 to 17h30.                                                                                 

3) La Petite-Patrie borough, Montreal 

Bureau de la communauté haïtienne de Montréal, 6970 Marquette st, Montréal (corner of Bélanger/Marquette)

Thursdays from 16h00 to 18h15

2017 Calendar :

From  June 22nd to the 16th of November 2017: 1 basket/week (22 baskets). The beginning and the end of the baskets may vary depending on springtime weather. We will send out an e-mail in early June to let you know when the baskets start.


The season costs a total of 590$. A basket is good for 2 to 4 persons and contains from 7 to 11 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, a free choice of herbs is offered (when available) but cannot be traded in the trade basket. 

27$/week x 22 weeks = 594$ - 22$ weekly rebate + 18$ (Equiterre's membership fee) = 590$ 

Paiement is made in advance to guarantee your weekly baskets in 1 or 2 instalments (see subscription form).


It is possible to take a vacation for a week or 2. You only have to cancel the baskets on the calendar 1 week in advance . You will be able to move these baskets to other weeks of your choice or we can reimburse the baskets. It is only possible to take 1 week of vacation if you take baskets every other week.

Trade basket:

You can substitute 1 (or 2) vegetable or fruit for another (or 2) at the pick up with the trade basket. *The free choice of herbs cannot be traded*


Consult our recipe page to get a list of all the fruits and vegetables we grow and that you will get in your baskets as they become available over the season.

Here is an example 3 baskets we did in the past (every season is different):

July                                                                                                           Zucchinis (2), concombres (2), fleur d'ail (1 botte), oignons verts (1 botte), laitue (1), Pois sucrés mange-tout (1 lbs), bette à carde (1 botte), chou rave (3), radis (1 botte), fraises (1 casseau) 

August                                                                                                               Oignons (2 lbs), carottes (1 botte), brocoli, Melon d'eau sans pépin (1), épinards (1 botte), tomates rondes (3lbs), Tomates cerises (1lbs), Zucchinnis (4), bulbe d'ail (1), poivrons rouge/jaune/orange (6 unités).

Octobre                                                                                                          Poivrons rouge/jaune/orange (6 unités), pommes de terre (3 lbs), brocoli, tomates cerises de serre (1 lbs), bulbe d'ail, chou-fleur, chou, courge butternut (2 moyennes), betteraves rouge (2lbs), carottes (1 botte), mesclun de verdures (1/2 lbs).

Jardins de l'Arpenteuse, info@jardinsdelarpenteuse.com, 819-838-1003